Project |04 Kids

As Contributing Editor for ‘Harper’s Bazaar Junior’ I curated the content for each issue, wrote and edited content that covered everything from children’s education, family travel and toys to cars and entertainment. I also worked closely with the marketing team to support advertisers and to create engaging advertorials.

Project |05 Food + Drink

I have a strong passion for food and wine and have reviewed some of Asia’s best and coolest restaurants, bars and cafés. I love writing and researching all aspects of the food and drink industry – from farm to fork and the gadgets and ingredients that inspire home cooks to create great dishes – I love to write about it all. 

Project |06 Interiors

My work with leading architecture, interiors and home interest publications has given me the chance to look inside some of the world’s most stylish homes. From Paris and Italy to Hong Kong, I have chronicled how these individual home décors were achieved and where to get key pieces.

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Food + Wine




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